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Nanjizel beach (Lands End)

Dog Friendly

Dogs are allowed on this beach all year round

Due to being relatively hard to access Nanjizel beach has been left mostly untouched as only walkers doing the coast walk go there.

Situated at the end of a short, shallow valley, the beach is a pretty boulder strewn cove which has unusually clear water.

Nanjizel beach used to be a lot sandier but after storms 20 years ago a lot of the sand got swept away but lately the sand has started to come back.

Nanjizel beach is a good spot for seal watching especially round the corner at zawn reeth, there are also a lot of caves and interesting rock formations. 

The beach also had a brief moment of fame when an episode of Doctor Who was filmed in 1966 there called the smugglers.

Why visit Nanjizel beach?

  • Relatively untouched beach
  • Very clear water
  • Amazing seal watching
  • Many caves and rock formations to explore