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How much will I make?

This is, of course, uppermost in every owner's mind whether they have just bought a property or are thinking of joining us from another agency.  Many factors need to be taken into account including whether the owner wants to fill up every week possible or would prefer to charge more and have some empty weeks for themselves.  Of course if you use high price weeks yourself or give them to your children it will reduce your income but that's fine- it's the whole point of owning a cottage!

There are no restrictions on personal use for our owners, in fact we positively encourage it.  We want to see happy families enjoying their property because we know that it will be better maintained and they will stick with us for the long term.

Typical Annual Cottage Rental Income

These are gross rental figures when owners typically use 4 weeks before costs.

3 Bed Sea View £25,000
3 Bed No View £20,000
2 Bed Sea View £18,000
2 Bed No View Dogs £17,000
2 Bed No View No Dogs £15,000

Do please note that this is a very general guide and we have properties producing +/- 25% of these figures.

We will be able to give you a more accurate forecast if we have full details of your property.