Making great holidays happen in Cornwall

Land's End

Lands End is a headland on the Penwith peninsula, located near Penzance in Cornwall. It is the most westerly point in mainland Britain and was simply visited for that reason alone, but it is now visited for so many other reasons.

The most popular thing to do is to have your picture taken by the Lands End sign post.

The other attractions at Lands End are the air sea rescue motion theatre, Doctor Who close up and Return to the Last Labyrinth.

Greeb farm is located at Land End which is home to a small collection of animals including sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, miniature ponies and even ferrets and at certain times of the day the public are allowed to feed them.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink at Lands End and there is a pub which has two names first pub/last pub depending what way you're traveling.

Why visit Lands End?
  • Most western point in Britain
  • Great pubs
  • Attractions like farms
  • Amazing views