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Surfing in Cornwall

Surfing really exploded in Britain over 50 years ago when a group of Australian surfers arrived with their boards.  Cornish locals where amazed by the skill of these lads who had arrived hoping to pay their way life saving whilst being able to indulge their passion at the same time.  From then on it has grown in popularity and although many would say it is predominated by youthful teens, it is still an activity enjoyed by all ages.  Upwards of £50M is now spent in Devon and Cornwall, where surfing has its spiritual heart in the UK.   The north coast of Devon, particularly around Crode, Bude and Woolacombe have remained surfing havens, and there are no shortest of beaches to try out in Cornwall.

The surfing industry has really boomed and is all about promoting a laid-back attitude right down to the clothing you should wear.   Newquay, alone has over 30 surf shops, which is really good for the Cornish economy.  In 2013 a First Wave surfing event was held in Porthtown in Cornwall, which celebrated the history of the sport.  The new Museum of British Surfing ( has now been set up in Devon and their website has some fascinating insights and recollections about the sport's development.   The First Wave is an exhibition they are holding throughout 2014 and the website is fascinating from its early pictures of men riding the waves on boards made out of planks in their Edwardian bathers through to the development of short boards and the trend for body boarding.  Cornwall is widely known for the excellent beaches which provide amazing surfing for everyone whether you are a professional, amateur or complete beginner.   Surfing is a great way to stay fit and active and is not just reserved for the young.  Provided you are 8 or over and can swim at least 50m then anyone can have a go at surfing.  Why not book a professional lesson while you are on holiday and see Cornwall from a completely new angle.

Surfing Cornwall has plenty of online information and is the ultimate guide to what's on and where

As you can imagine there are many surf schools in Cornwall here are a few of them:

Sennen Surf Schools

Sennen surfing Centre :

Smart Surf School :

Gwithian Academyof Surfing :

Marazion Surf Schools

Global Boarders surf school :

St Ives Surf Schools

Shore Surf School :
Breakers Surf School :
The Surf School :