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Top Tips for the Bedroom!

Written by Simon Tolson on

Thoughts on bedroom configurations and when less is more.

Whenever I talk to a new owner flushed with the excitement of having an offer accepted on their new property one of the first things that’s always discussed is bedroom configuration.  There’s not really room for a king?  Twin or double for the second bedroom?  What about one of those triple bunks to push up capacity?

First of all as with choosing the cottage, decor and everything else the most important thing is to do what suits you best.  It’s your cottage and you should arrange things to suit your family.  We want happy owners who love their property and enjoy sharing it with their guests without resenting that it doesn’t quite suit them.

If it doesn’t matter to you then the choice will depend on the type of cottage and target customer but broadly speaking we tend to apply the following:

  • Always go for 5ft beds rather than a standard double if you can.  Remember bedroom space is not as important in a holiday cottage as it is at home so you can push it.
  • Ziplink beds that can be 6ft or split to 2 x 3ft are excellent if you have the space as long as your agency doesn’t mind the bother of dealing with it (or your caretaker if you’re with one of those rubbish agencies that don’t do caretaking!).
  • Bunk beds are the absolute enemy of good booking rates.  Avoid them unless you really need them for your own use.  Better to sleep one fewer guest in a single bed.
  • Remember divans take up less space if your bedrooms are on the small side rather than wood or metal bedsteads which look great in a themed bedroom with enough room but can threaten unfortunate injury if space is tight!  Also better for very tall guests who seem to be more common every year.
  • Generally speaking I would go for king, twin in two bedrooms though if you have two bathrooms then two kings can be an option
  • There doesn’t seem to be a difference between two kings or two twins in 3 bedrooms
  • Two kings, two twins is the obvious choice in 4 bedrooms.
The rise and rise of ‘Just for Two’

Some of the strongest performers this year have been one bedroom properties, especially those that are really luxurious or dog friendly.  Looking at the data I have a very strong suspicion that several of our places with a small second bedroom would be better off locking it and denying it’s existence!  You would think that if a two bedroom cottage was the same price it would do better but this is not always the case.  If you read my article last issue about new search patterns then it’s actually a logical outcome of searches getting ever more specific and accurate.  If you are searching for a cottage for two then that’s what Google will try and display.  A cosy one bedroom place is what fits the bill and we are seeing a strong performance from some of these right through the winter.  If you are looking at renovating a small place give consideration to designing it with one really good bedroom and you’ll find you gain a lot of space as you don’t need a corridor at all any more.

Less can be more

This principle can be carried through to larger properties, especially four bedroom ones where a sleeps 6 with a second sitting room can do better than a sleeps 8 and also will be considered by parties of 2, 3 or 4 who may not look at the sleeps 8 places at all.

Think carefully and calculate whether extra weeks off season would end up earning more income than the additional revenue from the extra beds in school holidays.

Finally we have tried lots of ways of presenting flexible properties- sleeps 6/10 using sofa beds or discounts for couples or parties of 4 in large properties but this always seems to result in the place falling between two stools and failing to appeal strongly to either party.  Best results come from making a choice and sticking to it.

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