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The Vital First Five Minutes

Written by Simon Tolson on

How The Same Cottage Can Seem Completely Different

Lessons From Mr Marriott & Stand Up Comedy

In the distant past when I was slim with hair I was the UK manager for a software company and spent a lot of time travelling in Britain and Europe.  I became a fan of Marriott hotels and stayed in them when I could, the standards and staff attitude just seemed to be right and somehow I always felt welcome when I arrived.  On one visit there was a book by JW Marriott in the room which spelled out the philosophy of the business including one thing that really stuck in my mind- the idea of the vital first five minutes.

If you arrive at a Marriott and there’s a long queue at reception there’s a sort of panic button that they press under the desk.  This brings staff from other parts of the hotel who will take you to a table and sit you down with a coffee whilst they organise your check in and bring your room keys to you.  Gradually a magical change takes place- the reception area sparkles, the piped music is pleasant and when you get to your room it is more spacious than expected and the furnishings are beautiful.

During this time of intense work I took time out by performing as an amateur comedian and encountered a phenomenon that was also a great lesson- you could say exactly the same words on two consecutive nights, get an ovation for one performance and face the agony of silence 24 hours later.  Something was subtly different for the audience which completely changed their experience.

Providing a holiday to thousands of people a year has only served to emphasise that one small thing can turn a happy customer into one with a long list of complaints.

Applying the ‘first five minutes’ rule to a holiday cottage:

Make sure that you give clear directions to the property and that the full address and postcode are on the confirmation.If you don’t have parking then include precise instructions for where to stop and unload and where to park.Key collection needs to be simple or if you use a keysafe make sure it is lit by an outside light.It’s vital that the property is warm (never more true than this Easter!)A welcome pack is now expected but it’s still better for it to be a ‘surprise’ rather than advertised (‘Call that a welcome pack?’)!Local jam or scones that could be home baked (take them out of the packet) all help with the mindsetProvide essential items to get the customers started- loo rolls, washing up liquid, cloths, dishwasher tablets etcIf you have a woodburner or open fire leave a basket of logs, kindling & matches.

The other critical area is how you respond to a problem.  Someone needs to be available when the guest calls and if they call the agency rather than the caretaker as they often do they need to be looked after rather than just told they have called the wrong number.  Keep them up to date on progress to resolve an issue and call to check things are OK afterwards.

All of this costs very little and will help ensure a happy experience for your guests so they things in the most positive light possible.

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Put your guests in the right frame of mind

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Making great holidays happen in Cornwall