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Leaning Tower of Porthleven

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Porthleven Clocktower Left Leaning After Shift In Foundations

The Porthleven community is in shock after this winter's storms and freezing weather undermined the foundations of it's iconic tower.  There was panic around the tower yesterday as the building shifted suddenly late in the afternoon with people running in all directions.

The Tower Is Now Leaning 11 Degrees to the East

Leaning Tower of Porthleven?

Not everyone in the town is upset by the turn of events- local accommodation providers and tourism departments are already moving to take advantage of the possibility of using the image of the leaning tower to promote the town and the pubs and restaurants are bracing themselves for a bumper week as reporters and sightseers invade the town.

Paul Legg of the Porthleven Tourist Council has wasted no time getting in touch with his counterparts in Pisa to get advice on the tourism potential of the newly angled building. 

'I've spoken to Signore Pescedaprile from the Traditional Inclining Tower Society' said Mr Legg.  'He agrees that there is great potential in having Britains only leaning tower.  Of course the tower in Pisa doesn't have a clock so if we are going to leave it as it is we'll have to rotate the faces on two sides so the time reads right.'

Local Group Protests Already

Not everybody is happy with the turn of events.  Rod Twitteron of the Peoples Front of Porthleven has been quick to criticise anything that will bring more people, jobs and income to the town.  'It's the same story again', says Rod, 'Once there was just groups of indigenous people camped around Porthleven Harbour carving flints for their fish spears and then the people from the North came with their wheels and opposable thumbs driving out the real locals.

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