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Tye Rock Porthleven


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Tye Rock Manor from beach


Tye Rock Porthleven was commissioned in May 1883 by John Peverel Rodgers of Penrose and built by a team of Irish labourers and was originally known as Rockville.

Prior to the Normandy landings Rockville was requisitioned by the American Army and the 29th Infantry Division 1st Platoon.

The house was renamed Tye Rock Hotel and became a favourite holiday location for regular guests, artists and writers with The Times newspaper describing the house in 1913 as ‘the best seaside house in Cornwall... an ideal place for those returning from hot countries or requiring a mild winter climate.’

Due to its southerly view of only the Atlantic, the property has often appeared on the front pages of National Newspapers and on Television to illustrate the enormous breakers and spray in extreme weather conditions. However on sunny days the turquoise water and empty white sandy beach below is comparable to anywhere in the world with Loe Bar, the mysterious sand barrier, separating Cornwall’s largest freshwater lake, Loe Pool, from the sea. King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was reputedly thrown into Loe Pool.

Tye Rock Hotel was eventually restored to a private residence and then for the last six years it has been a popular family seaside holiday home loved by all ages and known as Tye Rock Manor.

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