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Porthleven Clocktower Left Leaning After Shift In Foundations


The Porthleven community is in shock after this winter's storms and freezing weather undermined the foundations of it's iconic tower.  There was panic around the tower yesterday as the building shifted suddenly late in the afternoon with people running in all directions.

Bystander Captures Moment Tower Shifts On Video

The Tower Is Now Leaning 11 Degrees to the East

Clock Tower Leaning

Leaning Tower of Porthleven?

Not everyone in the town is upset by the turn of events- local accommodation providers and tourism departments are already moving to take advantage of the possibility of using the image of the leaning tower to promote the town and the pubs and restaurants are bracing themselves for a bumper week as reporters and sightseers invade the town.

Paul Legg of the Porthleven Tourist Council has wasted no time getting in touch with his counterparts in Pisa to get advice on the tourism potential of the newly angled building.

'I've spoken to Signore Pescedaprile from the Traditional Inclining Tower Society' said Mr Legg.  'He agrees that there is great potential in having Britains only leaning tower.  Of course the tower in Pisa doesn't have a clock so if we are going to leave it as it is we'll have to rotate the faces on two sides so the time reads right.'

Local Group Protests Already


Not everybody is happy with the turn of events.  Rod Twitteron of the Peoples Front of Porthleven has been quick to criticise anything that will bring more people, jobs and income to the town.  'It's the same story again', says Rod, 'Once there was just groups of indigenous people camped around Porthleven Harbour carving flints for their fish spears and then the people from the North came with their wheels and opposable thumbs driving out the real locals.'

Porthleven Tower Feedback

Should the tower be restored or left leaning?

Tell us what you think and we'll publish the results below

When you have completed the form, please click the Send Details button ONCE to send

Following the foundation of the Porthleven branch there will actually be a pair of Traditional Inclining Tower Societies.  To avoid confusion the Pisa branch will be known as the Big Traditional Inclining Tower Society and the Porthleven Branch as the Small Traditional Inclining Tower Society.  There is also a problem with the Sataya Tower in Amman so it looks as though Jordan will have the biggest Traditional Inclining Tower Society
S. Pesce d'aprile

WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lynn

Excellent!! Fooled me for a moment. Great stuff

I think the only solution is to adjust the orientation of Porthleven itself, so the clock tower looks straight again. I agree that having Porthleven 'on the wonk' will make it harder for the tide to come in, but I simply cannot abide a tilted tower.
Name: Simon
Location: London

Wonderful, thanks so much!  Regards to S. Pesce d'aprile!

Please do not let Porthleven loose it's beautiful tower as it might be dangerous to leave it leaning!! From a Cornish lady living in Midlands but loves Cornwall.
Name: Gloria
Location: Halesowen

Thank you for this email, in our opinion we feel strongly that the tower must be restored to its former glory.
Will this make any difference to access to Mott House or any of the cottages, I know how these councils are regarding "HEALTH AND SAFETY  !! Will they allow cars etc to drive up the front, or have they not thought of that one yet!!!! 

restore to original position
enough tourism already
Name: cjb
Location: cheshire

Restore the tower to its original state.
Kelly -Canada
descendant of Helstonian and Porthlevener
Edward Dunstan, one time proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, now Harbour Inn.

t it can be chained then leave it leaning.  It will certainly grab the headlines and make it one of the great wonders of the south west! If not, then restore it for future generations to cherish.
Name: Sallie

Perhaps you could sell buckets and spades and get the kids to dig underneath the tower so that it straightens up.  Excellent fund raiser.
Name: Peter

LOL great aprils fool wind up. had me going right up until the point where the northerners with wheels and opposable thumbs turned up!

I believe more likely cause of shift to be collapse of Smugglers caves and tunnels known to be extensive in Porthleven.We will know more following the result of the prelim structural survey due to complete today. What about nearest tin mine?
Name: Alec

You got me until I saw the date. Well done!! Craig

It appears this was some sick idea of a joke - April Fools no doubt. Well, we travel to Porthleven regularly, but will now ensure we give YOUR firm a WIDE BERTH. Maybe you will have difficulty providing an honest assessment of the properties you rent out.
(Honestly I haven't made this one up!  Simon)

Got to say.... brilliant April Fools - I've sent it off around the country. Best wishes
You got me going for a moment - nice jape though! Happy 1st April to you all.
Have you heard the latest?  Another part of the harbour wall below Bay View Terrace has collapsed this morning and a 500 lb WW2 bomb unearthed. 

Who will be the first to market tiny serpentine stone copies of our majestic leaning tower?
Name: Nina, Porthleven lover!
Location: Leicestershire


I feel that if the tower really had shifted, it is such a national icon that it would have hit the national news - but perhaps I missed it????

Also from a Health and Safety point of view, if it had shifted I do not think we would be talking about just leaving it and making it into a tourist attraction.

If it is a spoof, I congratulate you on it and your excellent way of drawing attention to my favourite part of the world.  If it is not, I sincerely hope that whatever happens, the character of Porthleven will remain unspoiled for us all to enjoy for many years to come.

Do let me know the real story.


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