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Boscastle Accommodation With Parking

About Boscastle?


Boscastle ( Kastell Boterel in Cornish) is a village and fishing port on the north coast, in the parish of Forrabury and Minster. It is situated 14 miles (23 km) south of Bude and 5 miles (8 km) north-east of Tintagel.

The name of the village derives from Bottreaux Castle, a 12th century motte-and-bailey fortress, of which few remains survive.

Boscastle harbour is a natural inlet protected by two stone harbour walls built in 1584 by Sir Richard Grenville (of HMS Revenge). It is the only significant harbour for 20 miles (32 km) along the coast. As well as being a fishing harbour, Boscastle was once a small port (similar to many others on the north coast of Cornwall) importing limestone and coal and exporting slate and other local produce.

The oldest part of Boscastle surrounds the harbour; more modern residential building extends up the valleys of the River Valency and River Jordan (Yes really!)

A flash flood on 16 August 2004, caused extensive damage to the village. Residents were trapped in houses as the roads turned into rivers: people were trapped on roofs, in cars, in buildings and on the rivers' banks. Two Royal Air Force Sea King rescue helicopters from Chivenor, three Royal Navy Sea Kings from Culdrose, one RAF Sea King from St Mawgan and one Coastguard S61 helicopter from Portland searched for, and assisted casualties in and around the village. The operation was coordinated by the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) based at RAF Kinloss in Scotland. A total of 91 people were rescued and there were no fatalities.

About Our Boscastle Accommodation

We currently don't have any cottages in Boscastle but we'd really like to be able to offer holidays in the area to meet the demands of our customers.

Please contact us if you own a holiday property in Boscastle to discuss how we can achieve more bookings for less cost.

Why Do We Want To Offer Boscastle Accommodation

Why do our customers want us to offer Boscastle Accommodation

  • There is still a fascination with visiting the site of the great flood
  • Nearby Tintagel is also popular
  • Doc Martin has meant a surge of interest in Port Isaac just down the coast
  • The North coastal path is popular all year round
  • Choice of great beaches nearby

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